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Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, translated by Shishir Kurup
Directed by Sabrina Peck
Play On Festival at Classic Stage Company
May-June 2019

CSC in partnership with Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Play On Shakespeare presented 39 readings from the Play On Shakespeare translation project. OSF commissioned 36 playwrights—more than half are women and more than half are playwrights of color, each paired with a dramaturg—to translate Shakespeare's works into contemporary modern English to celebrate the enduring impact of the Bard's plays. These commissions challenge the playwrights to bring the same level of dramatic pressure and rigor of language to their work as is present in the originals, deepening our understanding and engagement with Shakespeare. Lue Douthit is the Executive Director of Play On Shakespeare. More about the Play On Festival

Cast: Rajesh Bosh (Casius), Nemuna Ceesay, Gina Daniels, Michael Gabriel Goodfriend, Sanjiv Jhaveri, Vanessa Kai, Gregg Mozgala (Antony), Olivia Negron (Julius Caesar), Sathya Sridharan, Tramell Tillman (Brutus), Channie Waites and Jeena Yi (Portia). Dramaturg: Nancy Keystone


Merchant On Venice by Shishir Kurup, based on the Shakespeare
Directed by Sabrina Peck
Queens Theatre in the Park
December, 2017

Merchant on Venice is a witty, sharp and ambitious work based on Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice offering biting humor and a fresh perspective on intra-communal hostilities. Kurup has set his story in Culver City, California, where hatred and intolerance among Hindus and Muslims have grown to a boiling point, albeit leavened by humor. Shylock, for example, is reconceived as Sharuk, a wealthy Muslim. The play is written in modern verse with the present day South Asian/American pop lingo, blank verse and current references, and is infused with original music.

Cast: Brinda Dixit. Christopher Brown, Imran Sheikh, Lipica Shah, Naren Weiss, Nikita Tewani, Rahoul Roy, Rajesh Bose, and Samrat Chakrabarti


A Winter's Captive by Chiori Miyagawa
Directed by Sabrina Peck
Brooklyn College MFA Directing Program
February, 2014

Miyagawa calls this play "a comical calamity." Inspired by an actual event, this is the story of a woman who witnesses a man fall through the ice in Central Park. The man is an undocumented immigrant from Honduras named Miguel. In Chiori's play, Erica is haunted by the event and her powerlessness to stop his death. She feels helpless by extension to fix all the things wrong with society, of which this calamity is just one example. As Erica's anxiety about the contemporary world's problems increases, the characters get increasingly off-kilter; she invokes historical figures, like Ethel Rosenberg, Pauline Newman (who led the garment workers strike in 1909), the governor of Jamestown--and her ex-boyfriend. Ultimately it is her conversations with Miguel himself that help Erica carry on. As with all of Miyagawa's plays, the dead and the living seem to co-exist in ways that bring new understanding to her characters.

Cast: Sarah Poleshuck, Danny Capote, Isabelle Pierre, Michael James Shaw, Tom Datnow and Melissa Diaz


Ducklings by Amina Henry
Directed by Sabrina Peck
Produced by BookShop Workshop @ WORD in Brooklyn
June, 2014

A wild ride through the lives of five contestants at the DanceHall Queen of Pittsburgh Competition. Set in various living rooms, the Red Rooster Inn, the Dance Hall and an alley behind the community center, a hustler, a mother, a girlfriend, a librarian and the reigning Queen all compete for the title. It's a dance to the death.

Cast: Carolina Do, Mohit Gautam, Isabelle Pierre, Henry Ponthieu, Leta Renée-Alan, Naren Weiss and Katherine Ella Wood


The Zionists by Zohar Tirosh-Polk
Directed by Sabrina Peck
New Play Series at Brooklyn College
April, 2013

THE ZIONISTS is an epic drama about three generations of one Zionist family and their search for home. From Poland to Palestine, to Israel and later the U.S., THE ZIONISTS asks: Where is home? What is home? At what price?

Cast: JJ Condon, Chris Donovan, Vasile Flutur, Jane House, Layla Khoshnoudi, Patrick McCormick and Peter Reznikoff.

Conceived by Chiori Miyagawa and Sabrina Peck
The Public Theater, Second Stage and Classic Stage Company

Five award-winning female playwrights bring five very different explorations of Sophocles' tragedy to life. Antigone Project consists of Short plays by Karen Hartman, Caridad Svich, Lynn Nottage and Chiori Miyagawa (and later Tanya Barfield). Morgan Jenness, dramaturg. I directed readings of the plays at the Public Theater, Second Stage and Classic Stage Company. Subsequent productions at The Women's Project, Rep Stage in Columbia, MD and elsewhere. Learn more about Antigone Project

Photo: Amy Brenneman, Caroline Clay, Dion Graham, Angel Desai, Jason Butler Harner and April Yvette Thompson at the Public Theater reading.